FFF – Day 4

Brekky – I couldn’t decide whether I wanted something savoury or something sweet, so I went with half and half. I toasted a wholemeal english muffin and had an egg & tomato sauce on one half and honey on the other.
And of course my standard big-ass cappuccino to wash it all down.

Lunch – We had lunch at Harbourtown today and decided to go for Japanese. I ordered the sashimi bento and I just have to say it was the most half-assed obento I’ve ever seen in my life – and it outrageously cost $16.50!!! They’d be embarrassed to sell something like this in Japan (and if they ever did, it would be half the price…)

Afternoon snack – half a mango! God I love mangoes….I believe I might even choose mango over chocolate if I had to choose just one thing for my last meal on earth.

Dinner – I made up a spicy sauce with gochujang (Korean chilli pepper paste), sesame seeds (that I roasted and then ground – the smell was heavenly), soy sauce, mirin, sake and a little splenda. I put this over some of the left over turkey terrine from the other night and had a salad on the side. The sauce changed the flavours and it was yummo.

I bought a big tub of gochujang at one of the asian grocers in town so I’m hoping to do lots with it over the next few weeks. I just love Korean food -especially bibimbap and naengmyeon so I might try my hand at at least one of them.

See Day 3


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