FFF – Day 5

Brekky – Two egg omelette with red capsicum, jalapenos, tomato & big-ass cappuccino. Deja vu anyone?

Lunch – Master bought me some yummy four-grain ploughman’s bread so I decided to make myself a really big-ass sandwich. Filling was lettuce, cucumber, one slice of cheese, carrot, red capsicum and tuna mixed with a little Japanese mayo & pepper repeated in several layers. I also had a mug of vanilla flavoured rooibos tea.  It was divine…I don’t often have bread, so when I do, I really want to make the experience special.

Afternoon snack – tiny mango x 2 (just imagine you can see two photos here…) That’s a teaspoon for size reference.

Dinner – We went to a friend’s birthday party so I had a nibble on some carrot sticks & olives (I hate celery with a passion and peanuts are an obvious no-no. The white stuff is sour cream dip.))

I indulged with a small glass of low-calorie pink champage (photo taken after I’d already drank half and includes a bonus hair)

Main was two chicken skewers and salad containing lettuce, fetta, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, carrot & cucumber.

For dessert there was a cheesecake (!!!!), a black forest torte, home-made trifle & lamingtons:

but I was a good girl and resisted eating anything! Yay for me!

See Day 4

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