FFF -Day 6

Brekky – I couldn’t decide what to have, so in the end I had something totally boring: two slices of four grain ploughman’s bread toasted with a drizzle of honey and my usual BAC (big-ass cappucino)

Lunch – A tiny mango (I had brekky at 11am and knew I was going to have an uber dinner)

Dinner – I got motivated and made Japanese. We had chirashi zushi (scattered sushi) which included sushi rice, pickled ginger, marinated gourd, fried tofu bags, carrot, chinese mushrooms, edamame, egg, prawns, roasted sesame seeds and marinated shellfish. I had about a quarter of the plate so that was about half a cup of cooked rice plus the toppings (I’ll be putting up details of how I made it in a recipe tab shortly.)

Edamame (baby soyabeans, of which I had half a handful)

Lightly pickled cucumber and cabbage (I had about half the plate)

Harusame salad (thin noodles made from mung beans) with lettuce, carrot, cucumber and a pickled apricot & sesame dressing (I had about 1/4 of the bowl)

Potato and onion miso soup (small bowl)

Lightly fried silken tofu with ginger and soy sauce (I had 3 pieces – about 75g)

Here’s a stunt pic from wikipedia of what it actually is (note to self: don’t rely on men with rumbling tummies to take pics of your food)

Now while I’m writing this I’m munching on another small mango and some strawberries – yum!

Looking back it seems like I’ve had a lot of food today, but I guess I’ve not had a huge amount calorie-wise as it’s been mostly fruit and veggies so I’m going to say that my food today was still within the boundaries of ‘diet-conscious’.

See Day 5

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