FFF – Day 8

Well, it took me eight days and the on-set of pms, but I finally cracked and ate something I shouldn’t have…then I ate another one…whoops.

The day started out well with:

Brekky – Oatmeal with low-fat milk & splenda and instant coffee

Lunch – Usual work lunch of strawberry flavoured yoghurt, muesli (photo is two days’ worth) & orange

Snack – mango (and no, I hadn’t taken a bite out of it! There was a bruised spot that I cut out. Did I mention we bought these mangoes@5 for $1.29? For that price I don’t mind a few bruises or bumps.)

Dinner – I had left-overs from the Japanese I cooked the other night – chirashi zushi, cucumber & cabbage pickles and mung bean noodle salad.

So this is where it gets bad…

I had a caramel ice-cream bar for dessert. Which, in itself, is not too bad because they’re low-fat and only have 90cal.

(Yes, it’s called a billabong and has a picture of an ‘air guitar champion’ on it. Yes, I occasionally buy kiddy ice-creams if they are going cheap – we got these in a twenty pack for $5.98. And FYI, a billabong is like a watering hole that is made when a river changes course and it comes from one of the Aboriginal dialects.)

But then I decided to have something with my bath…

The book is starting to get slightly juicy so that’s okay, but the ice-cream bar part deux is just bad. *slaps own hand* Norti!

I suppose it could of been much worse. I LURV ice-cream and whole containers have been known to suddenly become empty when I am around! I much prefer this cute turtle – or is it a tortoise?

See Day 7 here

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