FFF – Day 9

I’m running a bit late with this – lack of motivation and being in bed by 9:30pm to blame for that one. Nothing much exciting in the way of food for this day either.

Brekky – two wholemeal crumpets with a drizzle of honey and BAC

Lunch – I still had muesli left from yesterday and this is yoghurt for today and tomorrow with an orange. (I love my tupperware soup container but it gets this line of scum on it that no amount of washing will remove. An ideas?)

‘Snack’ -I was in the mood for a BAC when I came home (this one’s a decaf)

Dinner – Left-over curry from the other night and BAS (big-ass salad). I added a boiled egg just to spice things up. Yeah, I’m just crazy like that sometimes.


See Day 8 here

5 thoughts on “FFF – Day 9

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      1. hello ‘me’ 🙂

        I love my mug too. It took me a while to get used to the weight of it (it’s a two-hander when drinking) but the amount it holds is perfect.

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