FFF – The Wind Up

Having my breakfast this morning without taking a picture first felt really, really weird. I was half way through my bowl of porridge before I thought, “Shit, I forgot the photo!” and then I realised that I didn’t need to take one. I’ll put that momentary-lapse-into- stoopid down to the fact that I’m not a morning person and it was 7:15am.

Anyway, I felt that the Food for a Fortnight Challenge was great because (a) it got me out of the binge cycle and (b) I lost about 1.5kg (just over 3lbs – the 1.5kg that I’d put on bingeing over the weeks before I started FFF). I’m a big fan of accountability and if I know even slightly that someone is checking up on me, I feel really, really guilty about doing norti things.

Back in the early days, I used to think that if I became a slave, my owner would control my food and exercise and basically manage my life for me.That was going to be my dream diet with some micro-management and rules about what I could and couldn’t eat thrown in. But I found out very quickly that when I got some rules about not eating sweets etc. without permission, I’d just eat them in secret and gorge myself on them to boot because I knew I was doing something ‘wrong’.

I also resented the restrictions on *my body*. What did he know about what food I needed? What did he know about how I felt? So I’d eat what I wanted and then blame him when I started putting on weight because I was *his* responsibility, that he was the one ‘letting’ me get fat etc. I resented him taking responsibility and resented him again when he didn’t and my weight went up and down with my emotional state and it was all not very pretty in my head.

Then I decided that I needed to take responsibility for my self, my body, my health. I decided to stop dieting and start living a healthy lifestyle. And I’ve had reasonable success, but I’m still learning and adapting – after all, 32 years of bad habits are hard to break, and I still slip up. That’s when things like FFF help and I’ll probably do it again later on if I start to get norti. So thanks for looking and giving me that ‘eyes over my shoulder’ feeling that I needed.

Now that FFF is done, Master and I have been talking about doing another pantry challenge but with a theme. The pantry and freezer are looking a bit clogged up again, so with minimal purchases we have been talking about spending a week making food from a particular country or region for the seven days – so we’d have a week of Italian/Spanish/Japanese etc.

Master thought we should drop the countries/regions into a hat and draw them out at random and then make what we can with what we already have and with minimal additional purchases (just milk, bread, veggies etc.) Don’t you just love how we think about doing really random things like that? I think I’ve probably been getting too much sun playing with my garden babies and it’s made me go mental, but what’s Master’s excuse? Lol.

So anyway, stay tuned for the new challenge. I’m yet to come up with a snazzy name for it, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

See Daily Entries for the FFF (Food for a Fortnight) Challenge here


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