The Penny Pinching Pantry Challenge

Back in August Master and I spent a month doing the penny pinching pantry challenge which involves limiting yourself to only spending $100 on food. We ‘sort of’ completed the challenge and below are links to daily entries journalling what we bought and what we ate.

Daily entries: Day 1 Day 2  – Day 3 – Day 4Day 5 – Day 6Day 7 – Day 8 – Day 9 – Day 10Day 11 – Day 12Day 13 – Day 14 – Day 15Day 16Day 17 – Day 18 Day 19Day 20 – Day 21Day 22 – Day 23Day 24Day 25 – Day 26Day 27 – Day 28Day 29 Day 30 – Day 31

How did it all come about?

The challenge came about through my reading of  She’s Becoming DoughMesstic . This blogger just finished the challenge and is planning on starting another one in September. Master and I have been talking about doing it for about a week now and we thought the beginning of August would be a great time to start, so we’ll be officially taking the challenge for the month of August.

I think Master and I spend a slightly ridiculous amount of money on groceries every week (usually $100-$150) and the stand-alone freezer we have in the laundry room is about to burst it’s that full of frozen leftovers, crumpets bought on sale for 99cents and assorted meats and seafood. And that’s not even looking at the shelves of tinned stuff and other things in the mammoth pantry….

What do we normally buy?

We normally go shopping once a week on a Friday afternoon or a Saturday morning and spend $30 on fruit and vegetables at the local grower’s market and the rest at the supermarket down the road. Considering that Master is not here for 3 days a week and there’s just generally me and the poodle pup at home, I really don’t know where the money goes.

How much is food in Perth?

We’ve set aside $100 aussie dollars (which at the moment is about US$82). Average prices in Australia for common foodstuffs at the moment (from Woolworths one of the big three supermarket chains) are something like:

1kg chicken breast $11

zucchini (corguette) $1.30 each

white loaf of bread $1.98

2 litres milk $3.40

1kg yoghurt $4.80

(a big range of catalogues can be viewed here

We’ll be starting the challenge by taking everything out of the freezer and pantry and making a list – well, Master wants a spreadsheet, because for some unknown reason he is addicted to things being in spreadsheets. Even our upcoming trip to Japan is being planned out on a spreadsheet! (and I really hate excel….)

We’ll take a few pics of the mountains of food and post them for Day 1 just to show how we could survive a third world war breaking out.


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