Day 31 – The Wrap

Total spent while on challenge: $101.

Total spent by Master on his chicken burger addiction:$40

Number of oranges stolen from neighbour’s backyard: 10

Usual amount we would of spent during a month: About $500-$600


And what does one buy with the savings??? Kitchen gadgets of course!!!

kitchen pretties

I’ve been lusting after some tart pans with removeable bases for a while so we bought one with a high-wall (and a perforated base for crispy pastry!) and one with a low-wall. There was also a  pie tin, two silicon pastry brushes, a candy thermometer, a silicon baking mat and a teapot for work for Master.

Does anyone else think the height of the meringue on this lemon meringue pie is just insane??

insane meringue

All of these pretties came to about $120.

We also spent about $80-$100 on the ingredients for the lunch yesterday. Feeding nine people three courses for about $100 is very good value though. If we were to go to a restaurant in Perth and have three courses & coffees, the bill would be something like $400, so not only was it yummy, but cost effective too.

That leaves us about $200 to put towards a new digital camera for Master or to pay for one night’s accommodation in Japan (yes, the accommodation costs are a killer…no, we won’t spend nights in a capsule hotel to save money…lol)

Now that the challenge is over, we’re going to lower our weekly shopping budget to $50. Master and I have both agreed that it’s important to have fresh fruit and veggies each week, but that we don’t need to spend so much on other things until such time as the pantry and freezer are bare – which could be a few months down the track!

I’ll probably keep posting ‘domestic-type’ entries here like recipes and day-to-day stuff, as it’s been fun to share some glimpses of ‘normal-life’ that is separate from the slave stuff, so stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Day 31 – The Wrap

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  1. WOW you did so well, good on you. I want lemon meringue pie now thanks. LOL
    $100 for nine people and three courses is fantastic.
    What is a capsule hotel? Is it what I’m assuming it is? A teeny tiny coffin like room?

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