Six degrees of separation

I'm about to embark on round two of my Japanese client visits. The busy time of the year in my job coincides with the harvest time of certain agricultural products and so before Christmas and after Christmas are the two times of the year when we host many groups of visitors. In the quieter times are... Continue Reading →


Ii ka warui?

Apparently Japan was the number overseas travel destination for Australians in 2015. That doesn’t really surprise me a great deal given that every other person I met these days is either going to or has recently been to Japan. With super cheap airfares (using some low cost carriers from the eastern side of Australia you... Continue Reading →


M and I had the beginnings of a frank discussion early on new year's eve. By 'frank' I mean he was all weird and frosty after reading my purge blog, I started crying, he asked me what I wanted, I told him, he responded with mostly what I wanted to hear and then our talk ended... Continue Reading →

The First

I started the year by getting a bit retrospective ('when do you ever do anything differently?' I hear you all ask...) by putting together a poor-man's version of toshikoshi soba. Eating toshikoshi soba is one of the more popular rituals for seeing in the new year in Japan - along with watching the first sunrise of... Continue Reading →

30 Questions to Ask Before 2016

1. What did you do this year that you’re proud of? Completing my first marathon 2. Who did you meet this year that inspired you? I didn't actually meet anyone irl who inspired me, but I read about James Lawrence who completed 50 triathlon events in 50 days in 50 states in America and I was floored.... Continue Reading →


I have a lot of things to say about the new Star Wars movie, but instead of being a douche and putting spoilers on the main blog, I've hidden it away here so at least you can choose if you want to go read it.(It's a fairly amusing review, but if your reaction to Star Wars is... Continue Reading →


  I had a thing pop up on my Facebook feed yesterday that was a bit of a rant about transgender women. Essentially it said something along the lines of 'even if she doesn't look like a woman and her genitalia is male, a trans woman is still a woman'. I understand very well what the... Continue Reading →

Pain revisited

I have a lovely friend, tavia, who I met through this blog. We exchange emails about life and relationships and she has always been very supportive about my choices and my writing. Recently, she did me the honour of downloading my books and I received a squee-inducing email from her this morning saying how much... Continue Reading →

Xmas nom noms

M and I had a quiet Christmas. We finally finished playing Portal 2 (can I get a hallelujah?) and then sat down to a scrummy Christmas lunch Australian style (a.k.a cold everything and usually involves beetroot.) There was pork with crunchy crackling: Which joined some chicken and salad (that's german potato salad and coleslaw in... Continue Reading →

If you are the one

I should probably confess a secret little obsession that M and I share.. We can't get enough of a Chinese dating show. Strange as it might sound, six nights a week, M and I sit down to dinner over an hour-long episode of If you are the one and laugh and cringe and look at each... Continue Reading →


Mansplaining, manspreading, manterrupting - there are plenty of words flying around to describe asshole behaviour, but I don't think the behaviour itself is restricted to menfolk. There are plenty of asshole things that women tend to do 'exclusively' too; bitching, squealing, nagging - the only difference being that there isn't a prefix denoting women on the words.... Continue Reading →

War wounds

This would normally be the post I would make after I attended a play party and I have some fantastic bruises to show off to the world, except there was no party and there was no play. And I'm kind of okay with that and kind of not. The last time we played was the Halloween party... Continue Reading →

Ranting woman walking

Do you know what happens if you run a marathon in August then don't run a step for three months and then try and run one hundred metres? You fucking die. That's what happens. Finding that out made me as depressed as the last time I ordered a slice of NY cheesecake and got a piece of some... Continue Reading →

The Deed

So I did that thing...that thing I talked about for a very long time, but took my sweet-ass time to actually do...that one. Yes, I put my books on the kindle store. Since March of this year, I've been editing, rewriting, swapping, adding and generally farting around with my story and then I finally came to a point where... Continue Reading →

The Ides of November

The last couple of months have been filled with travelling, writing, work and the picture above. That was my Halloween beating. Mostly it was the work of a thickish cane and a flogger that has little bits of leather tied onto the ends of the strands. It has a nice thuddy feel to it and gives you... Continue Reading →


Apparently booyah is a soup (of presumably Belgian origin) that is eaten in some parts of the US of A. Who knew? And I finished my marathon! Boo-yah! Should I tell you the story with all the excruciating little details-like I didn't sleep a wink the night before, I had to do a porta-loo stop around the 28km mark, I... Continue Reading →

Thanks universe!

Hello everybody! You may remember me from such things as this blog and....well, this blog. I’ve just come back from a three-week trip to my home town and to Japan. I spent 36 hours on airplanes and that gave me quite a lot of thinking time (I’d already seen all the movies…) Here are some... Continue Reading →

I’m Claire Underwood

Apparently designer vaginas are a thing... I was very curious when I saw this in my local newspaper, not only because of the offer of 20% off the first treatment (and I loves me a good bargain), but because...well...designer vagina?!? Who the hell thought that would be a good name for an actual medical procedure?... Continue Reading →

Sunday morning thoughts over cappuccino

My first thought is that I drink a lot of cappuccino...(I don't know, is four shots in two big-ass mugs over two days a lot?) My second thought is that I surprise myself sometimes. For a person who measures their worth in ticking things off her bucket list and receiving praise from others, I shouldn't really be... Continue Reading →

On Relationships and Gaming

I've been in a few relationships. I'm not sure whether the amount of relationships I've been in (by my tally, it's 4.75) qualifies as a 'few' but I've been in more than a couple, so let's roll with a 'few'. I haven't really learned the secret to a successful relationship, but I think one of the most... Continue Reading →


It's almost Easter and you know what that means? Some people might think about gorging themselves silly on chocolate or hot cross buns, but I think about FOUR.DAYS.OFF.WORK! Yessss! I'm sure there will be some gorging on chocolate and hot cross buns as well, but four days without having to go to the office is... Continue Reading →


Did I mention I got a new collar? Probably not. So here's a picture! Did I mention I printed all of my story and learned how to use the binding machine at my office? Probably not. So here's a picture! Did I mention I've been revising the story to death - chopping, adding chapters and... Continue Reading →

Ten years a slave (Part 2)

On Aug 11th 2006, I embarked on my second round of slavery. I arrived on a late night flight from eastern Australia. M picked me up from the airport looking very casual in a polo shirt, pants and slip-on shoes. (That thing about domly men wearing suits is a good stereotype for erotic fiction but... Continue Reading →


You know, there are just some things you can't un-see... And one of those things is Scooby Doo hentai. Yes, apparently, Velma likes it in the ass. Who knew? (Those nerdy bitches often like it dirty, though, so it should be no surprise.) Anyway, the reason I mentioned Scooby Doo hentai was because I've noticed... Continue Reading →

You’re not my everything

There is a cultural idea floating around that one other person is supposed to complete your life. You're the key to my lock. You were everything that was missing. You're my other half. As though one other person is all you need for everything in your life. I'd like to call bullshit on that because... Continue Reading →

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