A few things

I'm pms-ing something fierce and am so feral. Haven't felt this feral for quite a while. Just sayin' that it may be why I had a melt-down last night. Not giving excuses for my behaviour, but just putting it out there. Ya' know, like a public service announcement. I can't decide whether the ants in... Continue Reading →


You can’t do that in slavery!

I spent my Saturday in boots and with a buttplug up my ass for two hours as punishment. How has your weekend been? (Note to self: don't let errant slaveboys buy new buttplugs for their 'own' ass, put them in the cupboard for 'safe keeping' and then switch roles. That is just never going to end... Continue Reading →


I recently went back over east to visit my family for two weeks because my sister was getting re-married. I hadn't met the guy she was getting married to and I only found out his last name during the actual ceremony when the celebrant was doing the vows i.e. Do you John Doe take Jane... Continue Reading →

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