A crop-meets-ass situation

Apparently when his football team loses to my football team (i.e. they are made into our bitches) the only thing that makes him feel better is applying a crop to my ass. This has been a general public announcement. P.S. While I may possibly be dying running up a hill somewhere west of the Perth... Continue Reading →

The 1400

I've been struggling with my weight (again) since we came back from Japan in April. I indulged in just about everything calorie-ladden beauty I could lay my hands on while we were there, systematically going through my 'things I want to eat in Japan' list and unfortunately, the indulging seemed to continue even when we... Continue Reading →

101 ways my boss drives me crazy

I just wanted to report that I'm alive, but that my boss may soon not be. I just knew I shouldn't have taken home the mallet I used to put together the new shelving unit yesterday.... His anal frugality and childish-ness is slowly making me want to kill him. M suggested I start a, '101... Continue Reading →

Because I suck at segues…

...I bring you points. I did my tax today - w00t. I think it's the earliest I've ever done it and I'm getting a refund. The only thing tarnishing the shine of it all is the fact that the only reason I'm receiving a refund is because I earned sweet fuck-all. Segue is my new... Continue Reading →

I pugged so much I got a pug!

Awwww...isn't he cute? Kaya got a dog, and so did I šŸ™‚ *beams* I excitedly told M this morning that I only needed to group with nine more people in order to get my special perky pug companion on WoW. I'm pretty sure I saw his eyes glaze over while he was driving...but anyway, even... Continue Reading →

Not much to see here

I'm sitting here chewing on dried squid and having a coffee... Was that image vivid enough for you? Not much to report recently. I've been running, eating waaaaaay too much and playing copious amounts of WoW (I'm rep grinding - if you know what I'm talking about all well and good - if you don't,... Continue Reading →

What have you failed at lately?

I knew there was a reason I didn't go onto Facebook much: Ā "Failbooking"Ā - from those lovely people who also provide your lolcatĀ and Engrish fixes. Do these people not care what they announce to the world? Oh wait...I'm the self-confessed queen of tmi... But I don't do it on Facebook ! So there. I was thinking... Continue Reading →

It’s that time again!

I speak of course, of the time of the month when I receive an email containing the profiles of some of the 'premium members' of alt.com. I find it a good lesson in how not to advertise for prospective partners (I'mĀ finding it really hardĀ to decide which pic I find funnier...) I've also done Part 5... Continue Reading →

Plague cometh

I was walking along listening to the radio this morning when it came over the news that people were dying of the bubonic plague in Peru. I'm not suffering from that particular strain of plague - just the monthly variety - but with ridiculous cramps that woke me up at 2am and a headache that... Continue Reading →

I’m on a roll

Well, the weekend is over and another week begins. It's my mother's birthday today and being a really crap daughter, I forgot it. To be 100% honest I didn't 'forget' it per se, I just got it confused with my grandmother's birthday that is exactly a week later. All week M had been reminding me... Continue Reading →

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