I did some housekeeping

I think I like this new theme, but I’ll see whether I still like it by the end of the week.

And btw, just because I’m not doing the bdsm thing anymore, doesn’t mean I won’t write. I’ll still ramble about shit when the mood takes me and I might even talk about sexy time (whether it be mine, or others’).

I spent most of my long weekend watching Season 5 of House of Cards (Francis seems much less crazy now that we have Trump) and writing more Ohenro blogs. Day 12 and Day 13 are now up for your reading pleasure.


6 thoughts on “I did some housekeeping

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  1. YAY! It’s great to
    You are so brave going up the steep scary paths. I’d have stopped and rocked back and forth until someone found me.
    Although rocking back and forth might have seen me fall off the path. lol

  2. I have been considering joining a bush walking club and realised when I was reading their schedule for future walks that there are a lot of mountainous trails they take. That counts me out, I’m scared of heights. *face palm* LOL

    1. I sometimes wonder if it’s just me who is bothered so much by the falling-off-the-mountain feeling.
      There’s a rule of etiquette for pilgrims that you’re not supposed to dwell on the hard things about the pilgrimage (maybe what happens in fight club stays in fight club??) so you don’t really read about people complaining a lot or going ‘OMG WTF was that trail?’
      That kind of enforces my fear that maybe I’m over-reacting (and it’s not like it’s Everest or anything) and it’s not like I do a lot of hiking so I don’t really have anything to compare it to (except a primary school trip to the Warrumbungles where I distinctly remember crying at one point and refusing to move due to falling-off-the-mountain feeling…)
      I do like being out in the forests though. It’s nice to be by yourself and have all that fresh air and green around you.

  3. I don’t think you are over reacting at all.
    There would definitely be other people who are also shit scared. Not many people will own up to fear as they are seen as weak or whatever.
    I think it’s great you share how you really felt as it’s real and even more admirable that you have gone off on these trips by yourself.

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